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    Couples Intensive Weekend: 

    Are you and your partner facing challenges in your relationship that seem insurmountable? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but still can’t find a way to reconnect and rebuild your bond? Look no further – this weekend intensive is here to help. Our program is designed to provide a focused and immersive experience for couples who are committed to working through their issues and revitalizing their relationship. With the guidance of our experienced therapists, you and your partner will embark on a transformative journey towards healing and growth. We have a unique approach to addressing the complexities of relationship dynamics. Our therapists are trained in evidence-based techniques that have been proven effective in helping couples overcome challenges such as communication issues, trust and intimacy issues, infidelity, and more.  Through individual and group sessions, you will gain insights into your own patterns of behavior, as well as those of your partner, fostering empathy and understanding. We believe that change is possible, even in the most challenging circumstances. Our goal is to equip you and your partner with the tools and strategies necessary to navigate through difficult times and build a resilient and fulfilling relationship.Take the step towards a happier and healthier relationship. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how this intensive weekend experience can help you and your partner embark on a journey of growth and transformation. Together, we can create a brighter future for your relationship. 

    This 3 day experience is designed to help couples who have experienced a deep loss of trust within their relationship. With the assistance of therapists trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy and PACT (psychobiological approach to couples therapy), couples can learn skills to help them communicate and work through difficult topics as well as those “easier” day to day conversations.